Thursday, March 02, 2006

My Adventure

Yesterday was a very weird day. I went to the office, had a meeting with JSB and then went to run some errands. I was in Whole Foods when all of a sudden - I felt this strange pressure in my chest and down my arm. I stopped and took a deep breath - other than the chest and arm, everything seemed OK. So, I kept shopping and checking in with myself. The pressure and arm pain went away and then came back - that happened a couple of times. Then my imagination ran wild.

As a person who has gone through three strokes (the last one fatal) with you know who - I know that there are things worse than dying. Disability - mental and physical - loomed before my eyes. I am not a person who runs to the doctor for much of anything. I never even use up my $1,000 medical deductible EVER.

Soooooo - I paid for my groceries, got in the car and it came back again. Out with the handy cell phone and a quick call to my doctor, who said, "go straight to the emergency room." Which is what I did. After three hours, an EKG, blood tests, nitroglycerine and observation, they sent me home. Everything looked fine.

I saw my doctor this afternoon and he thinks I am in fine shape - nothing shows up. My blood pressure is great - pulse low for my age - heart sounds very regular. Just to be on the safe side, I am going to have a stress test sometime in the next two weeks. That was my big adventure for this week. May as well have that bone density test I have been thinking about - cause I sure have used up my deductible for this year.


  1. Sounds like we're very similar here too Suzann. I'm not a very preventative person. I'm very delinquent in several areas. I seem to make a trip to the doctor only when something is hurting or I need an antibiotic or something. I've been remarkably lucky actually. Your little episode would have scared me too...and you did the right thing. You have to feel better that the doctor thinks you're fine...I would. A follow-up with a stress test...already better than I would be. I did have that bone density test a while back...what the heck; I was already there for some other tests.
    Hope you feel better about things... -Joy

  2. Yikes!
    Same thing happened to me last year in Vegas! Except it was a small heart attack. Have the stress test!