Friday, March 10, 2006

Grief Support

I had an email today from someone who had cruised my blog and told me about her friend who had recently lost her husband and was struggling on her new grief journey. My heart goes out to Sharon on this path that none of us choose.

There is a wonderful online group of friends that are there for those in grief. It is GROWW - grief recovery online. It is a volunteer driven website that is open 24/7 to all who have experienced the loss of a loved one or friend.

The site is rich with grief resources - message boards, readings, email to heaven, reflections. There are also chatrooms in every category. The general grief support room is open 24 hours a day - the widowed room is open every night from 7 pm to midnight - eastern time. All rooms are moderated by a host who has experienced a similar loss.

In the early days of my own loss - the GROWW widowed room saved my sanity - I found people there who had walked the path before me and in loving ways told me that I was not insane, that what I was feeling was "normal."

I still visit GROWW and have made friends there. It is a place to take your tears and fears and find solace, comfort, understanding and support. Bless all those volunteer hosts who spend many hours online to ensure that those most in need have a place to go - to begin to heal. Thank you GROWW.


  1. Another good grif site is I started my journy there and made some life-long friends.

  2. Thanks Suzann...I'm going to check it out.

  3. and don't forget the Young Widows and Widowers Board,

    I'd be certifiably insane if not for them.