Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Off to California

My mother continues her decline.  She is still in the little home we purchased for her after the big house was sold.  She is nearly totally blind now and does have help in the house five days a week.  She has begun to fall quite regularly and you know there is nothing like denial.  She is quite certain that the reason she is falling is because of the cat.  

I believe it is only a matter of time until she falls and breaks a bone and then she will have to move.  I talk with her every day and she has days where she is really here and she has days when she is not quite all here.  But, we are grateful to have one another and I am grateful to still have her here on the planet.  

This has been a really long and brutal winter in Minnesota  - we usually have some thaws that reduce the amount of snow we have on the ground - not so this year.  We have so much snow and it has been below zero so many days - setting records everywhere.  

I look forward to going to Yountville.  Excited to see my Mom and excited to see the green and feel the sun. Long walks by the vineyards are in my future.
The camellias will be in bloom and the mustard will be starting - golden carpets covering the vineyards.   The photo above is Bistro Jeanty, which is just a couple of blocks from Mother's home.  It is one of my favorite restaurants - a real French Bistro with yummy food and lovely ambiance.  They serve an amazing lamb tongue salad, fried smelts, steak tartare and Mother's favorite cream of tomato soup in a sour dough bread bowl!!!  I hope she feels like going out.  She doesn't go out much anymore - if that is so, I will walk down and get food to go one evening.  
I am working on my final clients before sabbatical.  It is an exciting time of life.  New adventures just ahead.  Next post, my darling doggie, Sierra - the new love of my life.  Take care darling friends....there is much more to come.  

Monday, February 10, 2014

I'm Baaaaacccckkkk!!

After a year of silence on this blog - I am back.  This has been a pivotal year for me.  The year ahead will be even more transformational!!  I am going on sabbatical during 2014 and when I return I will no longer do much (if any) paid consulting work.  
I hesitate to use the "R word" because retirement paints a picture in people's minds that doesn't feel like where I am headed.  I have a new calling and it is beckoning me forward like nothing has in many years.  It is another ministry of presence, like The Grief Project.   It is too early to write about here - but this will be one of the first places I publicly share it with my friends and loved ones.  

Of course, since I have been silent for this past year, there may not be anyone reading or caring about this miniscule corner of the Universe - so be it.  
When I began this blog nearly nine years ago, I did from the indescribable black hole of recent widowhood.  It NEVER occurred to me that anyone would read it, except for me.  Through this blog so many blessings have flooded my life.  Incredible support and learning.  I have made new connections, soul brothers and sisters - family of choice for the rest of my life.  So, here I am, back to the beginning - out of the black hole, walking in the light - making my dreams a reality.

Lots of adventures to share - lots of reflections to scribe - it feels good to be back.  Peace and Grace.