Thursday, February 14, 2013


I think this is the longest time I have gone without posting to this blog.  After 7 years and another broken heart I suppose I needed a break.   Funny that I should say ANOTHER broken heart, certainly the end of my relationship with Larry was not like the death of my husband but I can admit with a mended heart - that it HURT.  I know, I know - I ended it - I knew it would hurt, and it did.  One last L thing, I had no idea that I would never see him again - I thought we were friends - I thought we might have a time of estrangement - but I did not think I would never see him again.  Oh well - another life lesson.

At times I think I should start another blog but I can't.  This is the beginning place.  This is the place where I poured out my heart and soul in the darkest days.  This is the place where I made some of the dearest friends of my life - some of you I have never met in the 3D world and yet I love you with all my heart. 

So - here I am - back on the planet - sending love and light and a promise to be here again.