Sunday, August 31, 2008

Barricaded Town

These were taken on Saturday morning - today there were lots of really big helicopters circling the city, and cameras mounted on sides of buildings and light poles. There are police cars, officers and men in black suits with earpieces and sunglasses everywhere. The core of St. Paul is like a town under siege. Of course, the Republicans have canceled most of their public/televised events (the parties will go on) due to Gustav, the storm that is headed for the gulf coast. Interesting to see the lengths to we go to these days in the name of "security."

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Guess Whose Coming to Town?

The RNC is in the process of taking over our town. My home is less than two miles from this spot - the convention site is also between my house and my office - should get really interesting.

I will have more photos later today. I understand the barricades are up - the freeway exits are blocked and the Secret Service is in town. More to come..............

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Please visit my blog-sister Rain today - her blog is so thoughtful and her photos so captivating. The last two posts about the power of dreams touched me deeply. Change is in the air.

Forty-Five Years ago today. I was in High School. Where were you?

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Little Slice of Life

Yes - here are photos from my travels around the Twin Cities the last few days. The table is at my Acupuncture Clinic - Julie is an amazing healer and I am so grateful to have her on my wellness team. Unity is where I have started attending services - it is really nice to be part of a spiritual community, I am taking the orientation, "Welcome to Unity" next Sunday after the service to explore joining the congregation.

The third photo is of course, the famous Mall of America that I referenced in my last post and the final photo is Garrison Keillor's bookstore, which is located in the lower level of the building in which our business resides.

So, there you go - just a little slice of my life.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Autumn is in the Wings

That's right - the past two mornings have been light jacket days. Fall is my favorite season - always has been. It seems that summer is careening to an end - there are dry, fallen leaves in my backyard - enough to rake a bit and sweep quite a few from the deck before my patio dinner last night.

It has been a lovely weekend. I had a great acupuncture session; entertained a friend for dinner on Saturday night; and went to the Mall of America after church today. It is rare that I go to the Mall of America but I needed something that is only carried at Nordstorms. So off to the Temple of Twin Cities Retail - I got a great outdoor parking space near the North Entrance and was in and out rather quickly.

My trip to San Antonio was exhausting. The gold in the experience was to spend time with my friend Missy. We walked the Riverwalk, ate in nice restaurants, curled up with room service and watched the Sex in the City movie and talked and talked. Just had a great girlfriend time. Missy and I met in Washington DC in 1980. Nothing like old friends.

Here in St. Paul we are preparing to have our city taken over by the RNC for the Republican Convention - the convention site is square in the middle of my short drive to the office - should be interesting. I will keep you posted.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

San Antonio Riverwalk

I departed for San Antonio on Monday evening and had a whirlwind trip - the ostensible reason to go was very serious family business. I am so fortunate - one of my oldest and best friends, Missy came from New Orleans to lend moral support and hang out for a couple of days. That is Missy in the black and white dress strolling down the Riverwalk.

I am home - it is early afternoon in St. Paul and I am going to have a little nap. More about the lovely City of San Antonio and our girlfriend time later.......

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Just A Fine Weekend

I have had so much fun this weekend. I took a Pilates class on Saturday - an intro to mat and reformer- and loved it. After the class, I ran to Whole Foods and purchased salads and good bread and came home to welcome two friends for an outside patio lunch.

A couple of weeks ago, I canned pickles and just had to take a photo of the jar when I got some out to serve. One-half gallon of beautiful little pickles and the dill is from my garden. They are very tasty.

After my guests departed, I went out for errands and as you can see, gasoline is now $3.59 per gallon. We are all excited for gas to be down to $3.59 - go figure! I am grateful; fuel has been as much as $3.89 per gallon here in the last few weeks. I know it has been over $4 a gallon in California and Washington for quite a while. On my home from errands - the sun over the Mississippi was too beautiful to not stop and look in wonder.

Yesterday evening I had the pleasure to talk with Tor and Anna in Norway - they were at the summer house and it was terrific to talk with them.

Now I am packing as I am leaving for San Antonio, Texas tomorrow evening to take care of some family business. My good friend, Missy is meeting me there - we are staying at a great spa hotel on the Riverwalk. I will return on Thursday and will post from Texas.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Minneapolis in the Morning Fog

Yesterday morning as I was walking from the parking garage to my client's office in downtown Minneapolis, I looked up to see City Hall enveloped in fog. It was too beautiful to pass by and not snap a photo to share. I spend a fair amount of time in City Hall these days given that my major client is an organization with a joint powers board that includes elected officials from the City, the County, Parks, Libraries, and the School Board. Their mission is to coordinate services and work on large system coordination to benefit children and youth in Minneapolis.

City Hall is a beautiful old building - here it is yesterday in the foggy, foggy morning.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Perfect Friendship Award

I have been honored by Tor with the "Perfect Friendship Award" - what a lovely tribute,- thank you, Tor. The feeling is mutual - friendship freely given - such a gift.

I want to give this award to several of my blog sisters who have been mentors and examples for me as I have blogged my heart and healing.

This award is for Rain, Joy, Naomi and Fran - Thank you for your friendship, support and lots of blog comments - you have had a deep and lasting influence on my journey to this newly forged life. It is with deepest gratitude and respect that I celebrate you amazing women today. Love to each of you across these many miles.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Making Memories

We had such a wonderful time the last few days. The first photo is (of course) that joker, Tor my dear blog brother "eating" green beans at the St. Paul Farmer's Market.

The second photo are my best friends = J and S; next Tor and S at the Mississippi River nearby my home. Then a colorful photo - the bounty of the harvest at the market on Sunday and finally - a laughing group of my dear friends at Saturday's BBQ party on my deck.

We are connected at the heart - Tor is an amazing man and I am blessed to have had the opportunity to spend time with him in such a profound and happy way. Tor departed early this morning and motored 6 hours to Chicago where I talked with him just prior to his boarding the flight back to Norway. As we said this morning, Tor, we will see one another again. Safe travels dear brother.

My other friends departed midday for their home in Florida. Here I am home tonight - with Miss Kitty - it is very quiet after the nearly nonstop (except for sleep) laughter and camaraderie over the past three days.

It felt as though we were together much longer than three days. I am here in my solitude - savoring the days just past, days of making precious new memories.

I have lots more pictures taken by me and taken by Tor. There is surely more to come............Blessed Be.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

What Are Tor and Suzann Up To Tonight?

We are catching up with our darling Naomi in Los Angeles. Naomi is a phenomenal blogger, singer, playwright, and actress. We love Naomi and how fun to all talk tonight. Visit Naomi - you are in for a treat. Hugs across the miles to you dear Naomi - it was wonderful to hear your voice.

Too Much Fun

I have pictures to post and things to share with you. I have not taken the time to download my camera - we just finished a lovely brunch on the patio after going to the Farmer's Market. I will be back around in a bit with photos of this weekend. Fun - just fun.

Friday, August 08, 2008

It's Tor!!!

That's right - all the way from Oslo! My dear blog brother - Tor is sitting right beside me - for those of you who have never visited - Tor blogs at Toraa Mirror - zip right over to see his gorgeous pictures and all the fun at Tor and Anna's house.

We had a beautiful dinner of salmon, asparagus, salad, chilled wine all eaten outside with my dear friends J and S. Tomorrow we are having 15 - 20 people for a good old fashioned cook-out - more to come that's for sure.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Guests are on Their Way

I am so excited - my bestest Friend J and her husband, my brother S - arrive tomorrow along with our Mystery Blogger Guest. Some of you may have guessed the mystery blogger house guest's identity. It is only one day until the secret is revealed in Friday joint blog posts with pictures, of course.

Oh what fun we will have! I have 15 people coming for an old fashioned cook-out on Saturday. Yum, yum and fun, fun. My friend R is a geocaching "freak" and he is preparing a geocaching adventure nearby my house. After dinner we will all (or those who are interested) troop up to Indian Mounds Park, the top of which is just one-half mile from my house, and learn how to geocache.

I will take Friday and Monday off work. I am due for a break. It is very work busy right now. I am grateful to be busy with good work. It is also very wonderful to have some time to spend with friends. I am blessed.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Scribed on my Heart

So present the past few days - it is as though you walk again by my side. You sit in the empty space beside me. You hold me close in arms no longer here. You are the golden presence that I feel at times so close yet infinitely far away.

Unconditional love - freely given, joyfully accepted. At the outset of the grief journey, in pain, we ask others, "how long does it take?" - the short answer, "as long as it does." The thing one comes to understand is, "it is never over." We carry the love for our lost ones forever - scribed in my heart. I love you.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Happy Friday

So looking forward to this weekend. Preparing for my guests next weekend - seeing my acupuncturist tomorrow - going to the Farmer's Market - and just taking some time after a very busy week at work. I hope your weekend is super - filled with sunshine, fresh tomatoes and fun.