Sunday, March 12, 2006

A New Week Begins

and boy am I ready for a brand new start. This past week was certainly strange. Just couldn't seem to motivate myself to do my workouts - to meet my goals. Today was a good day - Bonnie and I cleaned out the rented storage unit and took everything over to the garage at Dora Court. Last time I saw those boxes of pictures and things, it tore me to pieces - today, it was just a task that needed doing. Progress.

So here's to a new week - I am strong, I am healthy and I meet the goals I set for myself - my favorite affirmation right now.


  1. Sometimes it just feels so good to get that motivation back, doesn't it Suzann? I've been needing some of that too. Could be catching up on things around the house, but haven't felt like it. Maybe you'll inspire me....thanks.

  2. Suzann, It does get easier, doesn't it? You are doing good so hang in there...
    Thanks for giving me encouragement on my blogsite...I'm so glad to have found you..It's nice to find people in my age group who really understand.

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