Sunday, March 25, 2007

Spring Tune-Up

I have been planning a spring detox weekend for the past three weeks and this is the weekend. I have been eating nothing but raw fruit and vegetables and fresh carrot juice from my own juicer. Oh and an herbal liver cleansing tonic that is supposed to be very effective but oh (holding my nose) it tastes TERRIBLE!!!!

Yesterday I went out and walked and then bought a huge amount of organic carrots. Today I have groomed the houseplants and put them out on the deck (just for the day) and thoroughly cleaned the sliding glass door - tracks and all.

It is 70 degrees here today and the birds are singing outside. Since the houseplants were outside, I moved everything out of the dining room and did the wood floor. Two loads of laundry and vacuuming round out the chores. It is really nice to have the house open to the outdoors, to look around at its shiny new clean.

Spring cleaning for the body, spirit, and my sacred home.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Happy Spring

Here is a piece from The Daily Om, which is a wonderful little website that sends an inspirational/thoughtful message to my inbox each day. This article is about the renewal and resilience that Spring calls forth for us.

Happy Spring - as we look forward to warmth, to gardening, to being outdoors - to new growth and directions - I wish you tulips and daffodils and peace.

Monday, March 19, 2007


.....has it that spring is lurking out there just beyond my eyesight. My spirit is ready. Even though snow is still on the ground and you need a coat most days - as you can see, the amazing living things under the soil are beginning to stir.

This morning I got up and looked out and saw froggy sticking his nose above the snow. I am so excited to begin gardening - Yesterday, my neighbor and garden buddy V said, "Suzann, go buy a bouquet of tulips." I know, I know, this is Minnesota - we still have a wait ahead of us. But oh, you can virtually smell the garden season approaching and the robins are back!!!!

Renewal and rebirth. The wheel turns.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Here is the latest redecorating project

What a difference paint and a few new accessories make in a room. Color sets the tone and transforms the space.

It was time for this transformation. I still need new art and perhaps a small shelf on the opposite wall, which you cannot see. In any case, life moves on and I am moving with it.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Spring Cleaning and Fresh Air

Ahhhhhhhh - the past two days have been in the 50's and sunny. The snow is melting at a rapid rate and the very air carries the scent of the spring, which is on its way.

I spent this weekend cleaning and finishing the organizing I started over the holidays. I also got out and walked, shoveled the snow that was collapsing the hedges off the back deck and just generally did home chores. Nice way to spend the weekend.

I just finished redecorating the upstairs bathroom. Tom and I had redone that bath about 5 years ago - it was a bright, sunny yellow - called "Spiced Butternut Squash" with the new white cabinets and brushed nickel fixtures, it was quite striking.

Now the walls are a restful shade called, Portico - it is kind of mushroom colored - khaki without the green - my accent colors are deep chocolate brown, warm tan, and purple. All the accessories are dark chocolate brown, lots of baskets, dark hammered metal, dark wood - it reminds me of a spa. The shower curtain is fabric and is a large patchwork of faux snakeskin in all shades of brown/gold/tan.

I took pictures tonight but have not downloaded from the camera. I'll post pictures this week. Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. Those of us in the northland are getting ready to end our winter hibernation and get out and about again. More to come.....

Friday, March 09, 2007

It was lunch

Today, during a business lunch I ran into old friends of ours. Martin, Betsy and Mary worked with Tom for many years. I had not seen them since Tom's wake. It was wonderful to catch up. I went back twice to sit with them for a few minutes - a connecton to memories of times with them, a connection to Tom.

Tonight - I miss my guy. I just miss him.

Friday, March 02, 2007

More Pictures from Winter

What an amazing 24 hours - in the previous post you can see basically the same scene about 8 hours apart - the snow in my backyard is ginormous - for those of you who visit here, you know what those backyard scenes look like sans snow, the only word is WOW!

It is fun to be inside and "snowed in" - ah winter. More to come.............

19 inches of snow --