Thursday, April 27, 2006

My Quest - My Commitment

For the past four months, I have been preparing for something that is very important to me and to everyone who loves me. I have read many resources, incorporated a rigorous and regular exercise plan into my life and have strengthened my resolve and commitment to a new life in so many ways.

The reason my blog has been "silent" for the last few days is - I QUIT SMOKING - HOORAY FOR ME. I AM A JOYFUL NON-SMOKER - WHO IS FREE.

I had quit cigarettes before and then started again. Now, I KNOW that it doesn't matter what happens - stress, natural disasters, death, destruction - you name it. A cigarette does not solve any problem - it merely compounds them and kills you in the process.

My quit date: Sunday, April 23 at 9:35 pm - what a wonderful gift to give to the memory of husband on his birth date. I am feeling better this morning - not so antsy - as the nicotine, if not out, is just about out of my system.

If anyone is reading this and thinking about or ready to quit - there is a wonderful site with all the support, resources and links you could ever want, there are message boards that are particularly helpful and tons of articles to reinforce a nonsmoking life - just go to Quit Net .

Glory be - I am so happy and wanted to share my joyful news with everyone. Enjoy your day - I know I will mine.


  1. I'm so proud of you! I've been trying to quit but the stress in my life has made it seem impossibble!

  2. Oh, good for you! I am so proud of you! And you're right, it's a beautiful gift to give your beloved Tom.

    Keep us posted on a regular basis, okay? Once a week or something, announce that it's been another 7 days. Or you could put a little blurb in your sidebar that you update every day: Smokefree for XX days. That would be so cool.

    -- Pentha, cheering you on

  3. WTG Suzann....I know it's not easy but you definately are doing it right!!!!
    Take care of yourself..

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  5. Can't tell you how proud and thrilled I am you've stopped. It breaks my heart to see anybody, but especially people I care about, smoke. I've heard how tough quitting is and I commend you for your determination. I'm sure Tom couldn't have asked for a better BDay present!
    Yes, I'm also enjoying my day. Thanks!

  6. Though I've never smoked...don't think I don't know what a tremendously hard thing it is to stop smoking. I am PROUD, PROUD, PROUD of you Suzann. One day at a time, and it will become routine before you know it. My parents were heavy smokers, and Joel was a heavy smoker. I wish he could have stopped smoking, but he just never could make it happen. Congratulations on an incredibly hard decision to make...but such an important one...for YOU. -Joy

  7. suzann, i am sooooo happy for you!

    i remember when i did it. it was a hard time at first, but something i was thrilled about doing so i never was even tempted to "cheat." i slept for 3 days straight which helped me through the hard first days of the physical withdrawal. the emotional triggers were difficult for many months but manageable with strong resolve and a fairly quickly developed distaste for the smell of cigarettes! my nose became acutely sensitive to the odor, and i hated it!

    i had my car detailed top to bottom to get rid of the odor in it, washed every piece of clothing i had in every closet and drawer, painted the inside of my house, cleaned all the glass on every piece of art, washed everything in my kitchen, had the drapes cleaned, and changed shower curtains. i was successful - i got rid of the smell! :)

    i could even smell the odor outside when people smoked outside at work. i had never been able to
    smell it before!

    i did all this 12 years ago and have never smoked another cigarette since.

    your resolve to do this is just wonderful and such a gift to your husband's memory on his birthday. it was your "birthday" too - as a healthier woman who values her life!


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