Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Reading Lucy's Golden Spiral Journal this morning was uplifting - gratitude has been such an overwhelming emotion over the past 15 months - even in the midst of life's sudden destruction - so many blessings.

This morning, the fog of blueness has lifted and my gratitude for life and all I have been given is palpable - grateful today for.....

1. friends - the angels on earth (including my friends in the computer)
2. family - always here with love and support
3. work - to be of service to others
4. health - the vehicle to carry me into old age
5. home - the safe haven to always return to
6. eternal curiousity - the fuel of imagination
7. courage - the will to forge a new life

So much to be grateful for - I am blessed and have deep gratitude in my heart.


  1. I missed this post earlier but will reply here to tell you how much I appreciated your kind words and how inspiring I foound you affirmations. I loved #6--eternal curiousity: the fuel of imagination. That's just great! I hope the coming week is full of everything you need (hopefully also what you want!)
    GD Bless Dear Suzan

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