Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Angels in My Life

Blessed be the friends in my life - many family of choice, many kindred spirits on the path.

My heart - the panorama of the sky - and writ large by this loving flier - Joan, Lisa, Bonnie, Heidi, Ann, Hope, Susan, Amy, Marilyn, Cindy, Rhonda, Ann, Kathy N., Cheryl, Heather, Fern, Renae, Kinshasha, Vanessa, Terri, Hope, Lissa, Sally, Patsy, Kathy B, Jeannette, Jonathan, John H., Jim, Steve, Mark, John Z., Martin.

My heart friends in the computer - Den, Joy, Anne, Libby, Cece, Lucy, Tigger, Rachel, Nan, Chasmyn.

Blessed be.


  1. Suzann, as you can see...I'm a great believer...

    Angels Among Us

    We all have been touched by an Angel;
    by the warmth and the love that one brings.
    We may not recognize them as Angels,
    for they’re not dressed in halos and wings.

    But, they’re there nonetheless, right beside us;
    mortal messengers right here on earth.
    And their charity bestowed upon others
    will be measured in heavenly worth.

    There’s an Angel nearby when you’re troubled;
    when you’re lost and cannot find your way.
    It’s an “Angel-in-waiting” who’ll listen
    and show you a far brighter day.

    When a tender touch has been offered;
    Hopeful words that will urge you to try;
    Smiling eyes softly filled with compassion;
    Just the boost that will help you get by.

    If you think you know an Angel, count your blessings.
    They befriend us all in every shape and size.
    Note the deeds of earthly Angels here among us,
    and you’ll know why wings and halos rule the skies.

    December 1998

    It's an honor to be an angel in your life...and YOU in mine.

  2. I am honored that you consider me a friend.

  3. Best regards from NY!
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