Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Busy Spring Weekend

YES - that's right - spring is springing here in Minnesota. I worked in the yard most of the day today - cleaning out flower beds, bagging old leaves and mulch, sweeping, raking and PLANTING PANSIES!! Pots and pots of pansies. So far there little peeps of chives and other early green things poking from the soil - no tulips or daffodils yet - but green and sunny and warm. Finally.

My best friend J is arriving on Tuesday night - oh happy day. We are going to have a wonderful time. Next Wednesday is the two year anniversary of my quitting smoking - TWO YEARS, can you believe it!! We have big plans - manicures, pedicures, walks, lunches, and a fabulous girls' brunch and spa day at my house next Saturday - eight or nine of us getting together to eat, laugh, drink mimosas, and just catch up. Deb will arrive in the afternoon and set up the massage table downstairs - people can take their turn throughout the afternoon as they choose.

I will be off work Wednesday through Monday when J departs for her home in Jacksonville. Oh fun - oh how I need this time to be with the sister of heart. Many interesting and fun things ahead.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Happy Sunday

Spring in Minnesota this year, let's see. In the last five days we have had rain, sleet, ice storm, snivel, thunder, lightening, snow, high winds and more snow. Today the sun made an appearance and it was nearly 50* - ah, spring is right around here somewhere.

I have had a lovely weekend. I did lots of little chores that needed doing, talked to several friends on the phone, had my friend S over for a little wine and appetizer/girl talk after work on Friday night. Today has been quiet and lovely - reading, doing a little work, paying my bills, walking outside in my yard, working out with my weights and exercise ball. Very nice.

Back on the planet - so happy that you are all in my life - thanks for your warm thoughts and care across the miles. My blogger buddies - so precious.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Just a Little Time

I have been in a bit of funk - processing some grief and life transition stuff. There is much ahead - wanted you all to know that I am around and will post again soon.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

A Living Legacy

Here are a few of the photos I took of the beautiful retreat center in the woods, where I trained last week. It is more than 5,000 feet in the foothills above Fort Collins. Serene and timeless - extremely conducive to learning and growing into the future.

The training was amazing - it was titled, Comprehensive Bereavement Skills Training and comprehensive it was. The creator of this model of "companioning the bereaved" is Dr. Alan Wolfelt, an amazing teacher. Alan and his staff, Kathy and Kerri, welcome each person with open hearted goodness and unending hospitality.

The week of training is the first of five week-long sessions that I plan to attend over the next 12 to 15 months. At the end of five sessions, participants earn a certificate in grief counseling from Colorado State University. I am inspired to do this - it feels as though all I have done in my professional life has led me to this place. I can see the future - this is the legacy of my grief journey.

The majority of participants were social workers, registered nurses, therapists, hospice workers and other professionals already working in the field. One of the important parts of the learning is Alan models the companioning method constantly throughout the training. We all talked about our various losses and our individual grief journeys. It was very emotional at times. I made many new friends last week - people that I will stay connected to and perhaps even see at subsequent trainings.

As I look to the future - I see a new path. Amazing.

I also have been struggling since my return. Missing my darling once again - I suppose it stems from talking about him so much during the retreat. Yet, here I am turning into the wind. The next steps beckon - I have much on my heart and I am excited about a new direction. Baby steps, baby steps, baby steps to a new future. Namaste.