Thursday, March 30, 2006

Home Sweet Home

I have almost finished everything - except packing for my trip. I am excited to go but always with a little pang - I spend a good bit of time in my home enjoying my solitude. This time last year, I embarked on a remodel of the town house - took over two months and many months of planning. In fact, Tom and I had begun planning the remodeling before he passed.

I spent most of the winter of 2004-2005, picking colors, granite, appliances, flooring, carpets - it was the one thing that saved my sanity.

Here is the old kitchen, dining room, living room and the completed great room transformation. My haven.

Tonight is finishing my March billing, packing and looking forward to Florida and lots of fun ahead. But I will miss this little heaven on earth that is my home.


  1. Gorgeous!

    I would be interested in doing a survey to see how many widows cope with grief by remodeling all or parts of their homes in the first year to 18 months. You were planning on doing this and simply followed through with the plan.

    But I know many widows who engaged in this specific form of retail therapy. I had a deck built over my garage, creating a safe haven up in the trees, perfect for wine drinking and star gazing ... my Recovery Room as I call it.

    Travel safely. I'll miss you!

    -- Pentha

  2. Pentha - I too know lots of widows who have done the same thing - Tom and I might have been planning a remodel but I took it much further - did some other areas of the house too. I would love to see the results of that survey too. Thanks for your kind wishes. Take care of you. -Suzann

  3. I hope you have a marvelous vacation! Play hard!

  4. This is just beautiful Suzann...I LOVE the colors. I have at least two rooms in my house that need to be redone; but I just can't face it right now....for several reasons. I can see why it would be your haven. Really gorgeous.

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