Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Just Plain Fortunate

I just watched a piece about the obsessive, workaholic/busy nature of our culture on the NBC Nightly News.

It is absolutely crazy - we have misplaced our priorities in such profound ways. I am fortunate to have J as my business partner. We are really intentional about our work - from the very beginning - we started Dendros to support our whole lives. Yes, we make money - after all we both have mortgages and other responsibilities. However, money is the by-product of doing work we love and balancing the work with time for reflection, for our families, for creative pursuits, for personal development, for our dreams.

When we leave this planet, we do not take our degrees, our money, our playthings, our professional success - we go as we came with only our humanity. The most valuable thing we leave behind is the legacy of our love and care for others.

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  1. Amen Suzann...you couldn't be more right, or say it more beautifully.