Sunday, September 30, 2007

Here on a Rainy Sunday

Of course you can see that we went to the Pike Place Market - the two other pictures are the view from the B and B where we are staying this weekend. Very beautiful. Happy Sunday afternoon.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Preparing for Vacation

Whew - what an insane time. I spent the weekend working at the duplex - staining the decks and getting ready for the winter ahead. My darling best tenants moved last week - I am happy for them and sad for me - they bought their first home (and it is in my neighborhood) - sooooo, I have been showing prospective renters the space and today I believe I rented it!!!!! Hooray. What a blessing to finalize that prior to leaving for Seattle.

Still very busy at work - good news - as over the holidays no one wants to see their consultants - so we should slow down somewhat. For now, we are blessed and happy to have great work to do.

I am excited to go to the Pacific Northwest on Wednesday. It is many, many years since I have visited Seattle - such a beautiful city. This trip feels like the first vacation I have taken in a very long time.

I am not going to take care of anyone. I am not leaving town to flee my own grief-induced insanity. I am going to explore, to have fun, to take steps forward in a new life that is unfolding. I expect laughter, good food and wine, new experiences and hugs and kisses. How wonderful.

I am taking my camera and should be able to post while I am there.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Too Busy -----

That's the good news - we ARE consultants after all and we do not have $$$$$ unless we serve clients. We are engaged in some interesting and inspiring projects - I am so blessed to have the work I do, to have my business partner, J and our dear M, who runs us and our office.

However, between working (we even worked on Saturday this past week), keeping up with my chores, connecting with V in Seattle, and checking in with my Mom - I have been blog-negligent. I try to spin-by those blogs that are closest to my heart, but I have not had a great deal of time to just read, visit, comment and enjoy all those other blogger friends.

I am still here - it is a rainy late afternoon in St. Paul - I am home and cozy - very comforting. I guess I will go a'visiting.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Happy Friday

I turned the corner to head down Kellogg Boulevard into downtown St. Paul this morning and the skyline was stunning. I happened to have my camera sitting next to me and no autos behind me. So, here you go. Early morning autumn sky in Minnesota.

It is Friday - I hope everyone has a terrific day. So much to post and catch up - the weekend is upon us.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

September 8, 2007 - 12:32 PM - St. Paul, MN - From My Journal

Keys Cafe on Robert Street.

Sitting after the Farmer's Market. The first hint of Fall pierces my heart. This is the season that brings you closest to me.

How many hand-in-hand at the Market Saturday mornings did we have? How many Keys' breakfasts? This day, I ate spinach omelette (some things do not change). I left the little pot of homemade berry jam untouched and remembered how you gleefully smeared every speck of it on your toast.

How many crystal blue sky days with a tinge of scarlet and orange did we walk and talk through? The crisp of the Fall - the underskirt of summer's last party dress, warm and sunny. It brings deep longing to my heart - and gratitude for memories so sharp and sweet.

I miss you - just that.

Tomorrow - the anniversary of our wedding day - Tomorrow.

Forever in my heart ----- my husband, my soul mate, my friend, my guardian angel.

I will love you for eternity. You said, "throw off the veil of death and live your transformed life." And so I shall. But, forever, forever --- there will be the days of rememberance - walking hand-in-hand in the crisp autumn air. I love you.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Hey - I have a life

The full moon. I snapped this picture on the first night V was here. We were sitting on my patio, drinking wine and talking. What a beautiful evening.

This visit was so wonderful. Much different than his first trip out here. We were much more relaxed and we did many fun and just plain "everyday" kind of things.

We went to the park and walked. We went to the bookstore, browsed, picked out books and then had coffees. We cooked great dinners. Ate sushi for lunch. Grilled fish. Sat on the deck in the mid-afternoon and shared cold white wine. Took naps. Went to the zoo. And had dinner at a portable table in front of the television while watching a pay per view movie. Oh and talked and talked and talked. It was a lovely few days.

I am going to Seattle to visit with him in late September and he will be here for Thanksgiving. It is such an amazing time. Just one step at a time and with the knowledge that we are friends first. What a blessing.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Stress Test

Please go visit my dear friend Joy at Joy of Six for a wonderful post on checking to see if you are in need of a vacation. Thanks Joy for this important scientific stress test.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Catching Up

I had a wonderful time in New Jersey - I was in Longport - a beautiful small community, 9 or 10 miles from Atlantic City, where my son B and his family have had a cute little house for the past 2 summers. The first two days, the weather was pretty overcast from the hurricane down south. The last few days, it was absolutely beautiful.

One memorable thing was to take my granddaughter for our first joint manicure and pedicure. It is so amazing that one minute you are playing dolls together and the next you are picking out nail polish colors. We walked on the beach most days, cooked tasty meals, had lots of meaningful conversations, watched movies at night and just relaxed. I am so fortunate to have such a wonderful son and daughter. I love each of them so much. All in all, it was a fun and relaxing visit. More to come......