Thursday, March 16, 2006

The Smallest Things

Today we had more snow - this week we have had as much snow as we have had all winter. Good for the garden this spring and summer.

Tomorrow I am having an old friend for dinner - it gives me the opportunity to COOK - one of the thing I miss most since Tom died is feeding people good food. How he loved to eat my cooking.

Since it is snowing and wintery, the thing I chose is braised lamb shanks - funny, since I have not eaten red meat in so long - but it just seemed like the perfect comfort food. Chewy, glutinous lamb in a slow simmered sauce composed of browned veggies, red wine, tomato paste, good stock and fresh herbs. I'll serve it with roasted garlic smashed potatoes - a steamed green vegetable (broccoli?) and a frisee salad with sherry vinagerette dressing (tossed with a handful of organic sliced radish) Oh yes, and some good crusty whole grain bread to dip in the succulent lamb sauce. - for dessert, a scoop of Stonyfield Organic Dark Chocolate Frozen Yogurt.

I worked in my home office today - so I cooked the shanks - good smells filled the house. Lamb shanks, one of Tom's favorite winter dishes - wish he were here - in body - to eat these beauties. The smallest things bring sudden longing - sudden tears.


  1. Suzann,
    Thanks so much for the BDay greetings! A little secret---tomorrow is my birthday but Carole wanted the wirthday wishes to be there when i woke up. Sorry, I peeked! She said the password for my blog was lost but I'm not that easy to fool!
    Anyway, I want to tell you that in addition to your super post about lamb shanks and smashed garlic taters, I related so strongly to your reflections about Tom. I too have a lost soulmate and it
    s a bittersweet moment every time something stingingly reminds me of US.
    You have so much more to give---a gift from your soulmate as well as your own soul.
    Many prayers always,

  2. Got room for one more? Wow, that dinner sounds pretty terrific to me...especially since I don't cook much anymore. Your friend is in for a real treat.

    It doesn't take much to stir up those memories does it? Have a beautiful dinner Suzann.

  3. Dinner sounds yummy ...I know your friend will enjoy it...
    I used to love cooking too. It was the one thing I was really good at and Larry loved it (you could tell because we were both overweight).
    I really don't miss cooking now since I'm so busy all of the time and it's no fun cooking for one..

    Update us on how it went...
    My thoughts are with you.

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