Sunday, August 10, 2008

What Are Tor and Suzann Up To Tonight?

We are catching up with our darling Naomi in Los Angeles. Naomi is a phenomenal blogger, singer, playwright, and actress. We love Naomi and how fun to all talk tonight. Visit Naomi - you are in for a treat. Hugs across the miles to you dear Naomi - it was wonderful to hear your voice.


  1. I'm so agree with you Suzann, Naomi is one of her kind. We do love her and her wonderful blog, a blog far beyond the average.

    And it was a blast to talk to her this night/evening.

    btw. I'm so happy to have been with you. I shall never ever forget your hospitality, your kindness, your revealing thoughts and I, from the deepest of my heart, wish you the very best for the next step on your Journey.

  2. So fun to see the both of you calling no other than "The Old Lady of the Hills".


  3. I LOVE these pictures....I am assuming they were taken while talking to me and I felt exactly the same way, my dear Suzann...It was WONDERFUL to speak to both you and Tor....And what a grand time you all have been having! Fun, Fu, Fun!