Sunday, August 17, 2008

Just A Fine Weekend

I have had so much fun this weekend. I took a Pilates class on Saturday - an intro to mat and reformer- and loved it. After the class, I ran to Whole Foods and purchased salads and good bread and came home to welcome two friends for an outside patio lunch.

A couple of weeks ago, I canned pickles and just had to take a photo of the jar when I got some out to serve. One-half gallon of beautiful little pickles and the dill is from my garden. They are very tasty.

After my guests departed, I went out for errands and as you can see, gasoline is now $3.59 per gallon. We are all excited for gas to be down to $3.59 - go figure! I am grateful; fuel has been as much as $3.89 per gallon here in the last few weeks. I know it has been over $4 a gallon in California and Washington for quite a while. On my home from errands - the sun over the Mississippi was too beautiful to not stop and look in wonder.

Yesterday evening I had the pleasure to talk with Tor and Anna in Norway - they were at the summer house and it was terrific to talk with them.

Now I am packing as I am leaving for San Antonio, Texas tomorrow evening to take care of some family business. My good friend, Missy is meeting me there - we are staying at a great spa hotel on the Riverwalk. I will return on Thursday and will post from Texas.


  1. Thanks for Sharing another weekend with me, even though this one was in Cyber World.
    Anna was very exited talking with you Saturday and so was of course I.

    Miss you and - your home made pickles.LOL. They are the best I've tasted ever.

    Cross my fingers for your San Antonio matters.

    Tor and Anna

  2. Oh, My! TorAa had said your Home Made Pickles were Scrumptious, my dear...And I love that the dill is from your own sweet garden!

    Looks like you had another very wonderful weekend, my dear....
    I hope your trip to Texas will be a GOOD time along with the Family Business....!

  3. Suzann,
    I hope that your visit to S A will end up as positive as can be. I know it's another challenging journey.
    Sometimes it feels unjustice, I write it openly, as you do, to help others. People that are not as "strong" as we are - maybe our strenghts are our openess and even cry when "one should not".

    By the way, I have nominated you for an Award. I'm not the blogger that do that very often, but at this occasion, you were among the choosen.

  4. I paid $3.81 at Costco this week. Cripes. I can remember when it was under $1 per gallon.