Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Perfect Friendship Award

I have been honored by Tor with the "Perfect Friendship Award" - what a lovely tribute,- thank you, Tor. The feeling is mutual - friendship freely given - such a gift.

I want to give this award to several of my blog sisters who have been mentors and examples for me as I have blogged my heart and healing.

This award is for Rain, Joy, Naomi and Fran - Thank you for your friendship, support and lots of blog comments - you have had a deep and lasting influence on my journey to this newly forged life. It is with deepest gratitude and respect that I celebrate you amazing women today. Love to each of you across these many miles.


  1. Thank you so much Suzann for thinking of me for this friendship award. I have this wonderful award posted on my blog side bar already...as I was fortunate to receive it from a friend, and I just love the little coffee cups of trust, kindness, honestly and caring...everything that goes into what makes a friendship important. I can't imagine not being on this journey with you sweet friend...and we have traveled such similar journeys. You are an amazing and beautiful soul....thank you sweetness.....My love always, Joy

  2. Thank you so much for including me here as a friend, Suzann because I feel the same way about you. It's amazing how we can meet someone this way and they become real friends in our lives even if a thousand or more miles away.

  3. Dear Suzann, I feel really blessed you took this opportunity to award some of your most important blogger friends. As they have commented in return, I so deeply agree with them. You are a very special person, whom I have been so lucky to meet in person and learned to love. And shared thoughts and grief and talked honest with. Your footprints have forever been planted in my memories.

  4. Suzann, thank you so much for your very kind perfect friend award. I have very much identified with you as you've been going through your grieving period. When you e-mailed to check your site, I thought, "Oh, Suzann is engaged." Now I'm going to read some more and find out what has been going on in your life.

  5. Well, Thank You So Much, my dear Suzann....I'm sorry it took me so long to get over here....It was a very full day and night!
    You are so sweet to give me this truly lovely thoughtful Award...!
    It is quite extraordinary--as we were saying on the phone the other night---This Blogging World and the truly special and wonderful people you meet. You are one of the most special, my dear....Sharing your journey in the most honest and heartfelt way has been and continues to be a journey for ALL of us who privelaged enough to read read your blog and to have been deeply touched by it. I value your friendship, more than I can say....!

  6. Each of you have had a profound impact on my life - and I had to laugh at Fran's comment about engaged :) - with the exception of seeing my friend from Seattle, I have not even had a date!!!

    Thank you my darling sister friends, for so much. The adventure continues.