Sunday, August 31, 2008

Barricaded Town

These were taken on Saturday morning - today there were lots of really big helicopters circling the city, and cameras mounted on sides of buildings and light poles. There are police cars, officers and men in black suits with earpieces and sunglasses everywhere. The core of St. Paul is like a town under siege. Of course, the Republicans have canceled most of their public/televised events (the parties will go on) due to Gustav, the storm that is headed for the gulf coast. Interesting to see the lengths to we go to these days in the name of "security."


  1. maybe they will go home!

  2. Isn't it really?

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  3. Quite true. However, since 9/11 I think we all learned that we can't take security lightly. My husband was an airline pilot and although I hate to go through all the crap at the airport, I also would want him coming home in one piece.
    I wish that the world were a different place. Unfortunately there are too many very bad people out there only too willing to wreak havoc on innocent unsuspecting people.
    (BTW: I am a friend of Tor's)

  4. It's a paradox that all these security precautions are necessery in a Free Country.
    So, in what way are citizens really free?

    Hope Gustaf will cause less damage than Katherin

  5. just heard something about violent protesting in the city today and multiple arrests and pepper spraying. did not see any coverage on television and hope there is not too much damage to your city. i had imagined the storm would shut things down a bit there.