Thursday, August 21, 2008

San Antonio Riverwalk

I departed for San Antonio on Monday evening and had a whirlwind trip - the ostensible reason to go was very serious family business. I am so fortunate - one of my oldest and best friends, Missy came from New Orleans to lend moral support and hang out for a couple of days. That is Missy in the black and white dress strolling down the Riverwalk.

I am home - it is early afternoon in St. Paul and I am going to have a little nap. More about the lovely City of San Antonio and our girlfriend time later.......


  1. What a wonderful Riverwalked. I never imagined this could be in San Antonio. It's really beautiful.

    I'm eager to see and learn more form your trip - and of course your family matters came to a good conclusion.

    btw. I did tag you on my last post

  2. My dear friend was always after me to vacation there. She had a sister in SA and they went down every winter for years.

    It's very pretty.

  3. I missed a trip there and now I am very sorry I did. It looks beautiful!

  4. Our Director of Buildings and Grounds goes there to help with the Christmas lighting. I've never been there, but he says it is spectacular. Hope everything is OK with your girlfriend.

  5. The last time I was in S.A. was 1948. All I recall was having to sleep in the backseat of a car with the windows open and being bombarded all night long by the biggest and the most mosquitoes I had ever encountered in my life.

    The city has surely changed since then and looks quite attractive. Glad you had your girlfriend with you, but sorry for the circumstances necessitating your visit. Hope all is as well as can be expected.

  6. BEAUTIFUL Riverwalk, Suzann.....Doesn't our country just amaze you? There is so much beauty here in The U.S of A. Some natural and some man made....!
    Lovely Lovely walk, my dear!