Saturday, August 30, 2008

Guess Whose Coming to Town?

The RNC is in the process of taking over our town. My home is less than two miles from this spot - the convention site is also between my house and my office - should get really interesting.

I will have more photos later today. I understand the barricades are up - the freeway exits are blocked and the Secret Service is in town. More to come..............


  1. Should be fun~Ha! Oh well at least after this it's another city in another 4 years.

  2. Suzann, this reminds me of the second time we were in Santiago de Chile.
    We were in a taxi, with a couple from Mexico (she) and USA (he)- and suddenly the Taxi had to stop. In the middle of the large road.
    - Why, I thought
    Then some black Cars with red and blue lights came down the road.
    - An accident, I asked the chauffeur.
    - No no - he said
    Then 6 black limmos.
    Then a at least ten Polices on MC's.
    - Why, what, I asked the Taxi diver?
    - Oh - thats the Old man he replied. (Pinochet)
    - ok, I replied, what is he afraid from?
    -- he he , was the Taxi drivers response.

    Your banner, the one you gave me is posted

    Best wishes and love from Tor and Anna.
    We are so alike - - -

  3. excuse my partisanship, but if that many republicans were going to be anywhere near me i would be having a total anxiety attack and would be looking for a way to escape, somewhere else to visit until they left town! ;))

  4. Oh, Lord! I have to agree with Sky! The crowds and Secret Service, but most of all the Republicans! I would definitely be lookinf for a way to escape!!

  5. Hi Suzann!!!
    This definitely does sound like a damp squib! I sympathize with you. I'd like to invite you to join us at, a website for slightly older women who live life to the brim by embracing transitions and changing with the times! I look forward to seeing you there.:) All the best!