Thursday, August 07, 2008

Guests are on Their Way

I am so excited - my bestest Friend J and her husband, my brother S - arrive tomorrow along with our Mystery Blogger Guest. Some of you may have guessed the mystery blogger house guest's identity. It is only one day until the secret is revealed in Friday joint blog posts with pictures, of course.

Oh what fun we will have! I have 15 people coming for an old fashioned cook-out on Saturday. Yum, yum and fun, fun. My friend R is a geocaching "freak" and he is preparing a geocaching adventure nearby my house. After dinner we will all (or those who are interested) troop up to Indian Mounds Park, the top of which is just one-half mile from my house, and learn how to geocache.

I will take Friday and Monday off work. I am due for a break. It is very work busy right now. I am grateful to be busy with good work. It is also very wonderful to have some time to spend with friends. I am blessed.


  1. You have me all excited for you Suzann....I hope you have the most wonderful visit ever! Can't wait to hear all about it......and ALL the details on Friday WITH PICTURES....Love, Joy

  2. great fun ahead! enjoy the time off work, especially. looking forward to the pics and stories about the geocache hunt!