Thursday, August 14, 2008

Minneapolis in the Morning Fog

Yesterday morning as I was walking from the parking garage to my client's office in downtown Minneapolis, I looked up to see City Hall enveloped in fog. It was too beautiful to pass by and not snap a photo to share. I spend a fair amount of time in City Hall these days given that my major client is an organization with a joint powers board that includes elected officials from the City, the County, Parks, Libraries, and the School Board. Their mission is to coordinate services and work on large system coordination to benefit children and youth in Minneapolis.

City Hall is a beautiful old building - here it is yesterday in the foggy, foggy morning.


  1. I enjoyed reading your profile. We have alot in common. I too am a voracious reader. I read one spiritual,one business book and a misc. I am currently reading ... Boundaries, THE BIBLE, Aim Low and Everything Blogging Book

    Peaceful Journey,

  2. Hi, Suzann. I popped by from a link at Fran's Sacred Ordinary, and have been reading your archives for the past 2 hours! What a journey you have been travelling! Your intentionality in traversing that grief road and rebuilding your life is really inspiring to me. I'll be back to read more later.

    [By the way, I'm not sure if you realise but a lot of your earlier posts have had spam comments made on them. You might prefer to remove them.]

  3. Suzann,
    you have really taken a big jump on your Journey.
    This is a fantstic post. It's you where you are and what you feel and think about "Here and now". That's so important for your trusted blogger friends around this tiny Planet. And you will have more friends, by such a fabulous post.

    Great hugs

  4. You really have an eye for the beauty in life - and also the ability to stay in the present - thanks so much for sharing it with us too!

  5. This really is a beautiful old building Suzann....the fog gives it a great ambiance. Great picture.

  6. beautiful photography. :)

    i don't know what browser you are using, but i see your blog via IE and sometimes the text beside a larger photograph displays the words by splitting them in very strange places like 1 or 2 letters per line so that words may move vertically down the side of the image for several lines before one word is even completed. i imagine it does not display that way to you so i thought i would ask about the browser you might be using.

  7. Hi Sky - I am a MAC user and my browser is Firefox. I will try to look at the blog on a PC - thanks for letting me know. :)