Monday, August 11, 2008

Making Memories

We had such a wonderful time the last few days. The first photo is (of course) that joker, Tor my dear blog brother "eating" green beans at the St. Paul Farmer's Market.

The second photo are my best friends = J and S; next Tor and S at the Mississippi River nearby my home. Then a colorful photo - the bounty of the harvest at the market on Sunday and finally - a laughing group of my dear friends at Saturday's BBQ party on my deck.

We are connected at the heart - Tor is an amazing man and I am blessed to have had the opportunity to spend time with him in such a profound and happy way. Tor departed early this morning and motored 6 hours to Chicago where I talked with him just prior to his boarding the flight back to Norway. As we said this morning, Tor, we will see one another again. Safe travels dear brother.

My other friends departed midday for their home in Florida. Here I am home tonight - with Miss Kitty - it is very quiet after the nearly nonstop (except for sleep) laughter and camaraderie over the past three days.

It felt as though we were together much longer than three days. I am here in my solitude - savoring the days just past, days of making precious new memories.

I have lots more pictures taken by me and taken by Tor. There is surely more to come............Blessed Be.


  1. Lucky you, to have spent this time with Tor. He and Anna are such wonderful people, aren't they?

  2. Oh these pictures are so wonderful Suzann....thanks for posting all look great. So glad you and Tor got to spent some time together.

  3. How delightful it sounds and thanks for sharing it with us. I have met some internet friends in the past and it has been like you described. It's amazing how we connect with people this way that we would never have met at any other time.

  4. This post demonstrates the true force of blogging - it's about more than connecting - it's about love and caring and respect - sharing good moments and grief.
    We both learned a lot.

    What more could I say?
    It was magic moments - Suzann is a person and woman way beyond the Average. I learned to respect her and love her as she is.
    We did have a blast of a time together - including her friends. In the "Norse" America.

    Suzann - keep on this track as blogger. You have changed.

    I love this post - also how you illustrated with Photos.

    btw. I'm about to post my return voyage, before "Glimps from St Paul" etc


  5. Love the pictures and hope there will be many many more....! It is always such a joy to see my blog buddies "playing" joyfully together....!

  6. Sounds like a wonderful visit and glad all had such a delightful time together.

  7. Good to see you had a great time with Tor - he is such a great fellow.

    Now he is back in Norway and I meet him in Oslo tomorrow - looking forward to hear more details ;-)

  8. This sounds like a remarkable gathering of folks. Thanks for sharing.