Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Woo Hoo

Wow - today is the one year anniversary of my first post on this blog. So happy anniversary blog - it seems like a heartbeat and it seems like a million years. This has been a transformative year. A year of grief and growth. A year of meeting new people - of learning about myself, of gallons of tears and learning to laugh again. Thanks for being a companion on this journey to a new life.


  1. Wonderful! I, for one, am delighted to have met you.

    And I think it's awesome that so many people are going to MN to visit YOU. How wonderful, how special, how loving.

    I'll be with you in spirit.

    -- Pentha, wishing you oodles and oodles of happiness

  2. Congratulations on a whole year of blogging, my dear Suzann. I was telling someone the other day that I began my first blog October 7th...then my computer crashed and the hard drive died and I didn't know how to get back on that first one---so I started a second one---(the one you come to)...at the beginning of November...so it amazed me that 8 months had gone by...Do you feel like the year passed quickly or because of the circumstances of your life and the loss you suffered...did the year go slowly for you, or both at different times?
    Very soon now Suzann...your Birthday festivities will begin! Hooray For You!

  3. Hi Suzann! A belated Congratulations! Happy Blog Anniversary!

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