Saturday, June 17, 2006


I am so happy to have found this community in the blogosphere - there are many people who regularly visit and comment and who I regularly visit and comment. Folks who I have never met in the three dimensional world and yet I care about them and consider them friends. I know there other bloggers who consider me a friend as well and I am humbled to be included in their lives in this way. It is wonderful to know that others think of me as I think of them. Blessed - that's all - thank you to each of you - you enrich my life.


  1. I too feel that Suzann, and I especially feel an affinty to you...I so dearly appreciate the people I have net through has really been a Life Saver for me with my Health Issues which leave me pretty much isolated and this has opened up a whole world of truly wonderful people...You are definitely in this number, for sure...This whole blogesphere thing is a fascinating phenomenom and I thank you too for your friendship here in Cyberspace! I feel very blessed, too and what you said is beautifully put, and I thank you for that.

  2. i have felt the same way about blogging, and you expressed it well, Suzann. For me, it's a community that is constantly shifting, expanding and changing and with new discoveries just around the bend.

  3. Ditto back at you. I'm excited for your upcoming festivities. I'll be thinking of you as you celebrate the wonderful life that is yours. Annie