Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Saturday Night

Chef Theo is doing a Grand Tasting Menu - we have worked to have just the right balance of colors, textures, tastes and courses. I am really excited - all that remains to be done is to select wine, purchase truffles and go over to the Roasterie for some really great coffee. We finalized menu this morning and it is:

- Arrival appetizer: Spinach and Goat Cheese Phyllo Cups

- Grilled Polenta with Spicy Tomato Relish

- Caesar Salad in Parmesan Cups

- Chilled Avocado Soup in Ancho Cream

- Ahi Tuna Cube with Sesame Seeds and Tobiko

- Watermelon Dice with Aged Balsamic Vinegar

- Baby Lamb Chop with Mustard Crust

- Lobster Corn Dogs with Hot Mustard and Plum Sauce

- Seared Scallop BLT

- Trio of Sorbets with Champagne

- Coffee, Truffles and Liqueurs

Each course is served on a perfect little plate wonderfully presented. This is the nicest birthday gift I could ever give myself - good friends, great food, wonderful wine - all done in my backyard. I don't sound too excited do I?

J arrives this afternoon. Tomorrow will be the last errands and a spa afternoon for us starting at 3:30! Friday morning the table and chairs for the backyard will be delivered and Friday night I am cooking dinner for a small gathering to celebrate J's 59th birthday, which was June 12.

It never occurred to me that Tom would not be here for my 60th Birthday - it has been a difficult few days.
I don't often go to the cemetary but for some reason I want to do so and J has never been to the grave. So somewhere in all the preparations, I want to toodle over there with some flowers.

I am filled with gratitude - the party begins soon.


  1. Lobster Corn Dogs? Your lucky I live in New York City, or I would be crashing the party! Annie

  2. A very peaceful & spiritual birthday to you Suzann, and many wonderful wishes & happiness for the years to come, i hope you find peace & comfort with those you love that are celebrating with you this weekend.

  3. What a bash! Sounds deliciously glorious! How wonderful to spend such an important occasion with females who have been and are so important to your life. It truly sounds like the most remarkable birthday celebration I have heard about! Yummmmmmy food! I want some. ;)

  4. Your menu sounds totally delicious. What a night that will be. Happy Birthday and may your year ahead be one of joy and pleasant surprises

  5. Wow, one year on your blog--and a super birthday party right around the corner. Your menu sounds incredible. And I know it must be nice to have your best friend there already. Thinking of you.

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