Monday, June 19, 2006

The Convergence

Wednesday comes the summer soltice and my bestest friend in the world arrives from Florida. The person who has known me through life's changes for nearly 40 years. We have spent many a Solstice together from San Francisco to New Mexico to the eastern seaboard. Then on Thursday, another friend, who I have known for 25 years, is arriving from New Orleans. We were business partners in the 80's and have had a bzillion crazy adventures together.

Many friends are beginning their trek to St. Paul to help me celebrate my birthday. There is a big dinner in my backyard on Saturday night - Chef Theo has been hired to cook an amazing meal for us - he is bringing someone to serve, and fabulous wine will complement the delicious food. Saturday night there is a slumber party after the dinner for a handful of women friends - more laughter, more stories, more wine and toasting marshmallows over the outdoor fireplace. Much more ahead - I will post the menu as soon as we work out the final details. The party will be fun, the food incredible - and yet, the most important aspect of this party --- to have ten of my best women friends here all together in one place, at one time. Beautiful, dynamic, powerful women. We are going to rock St. Paul.


  1. Sounds truly amazing Suzann...I cannot wait to hear the Menu and I hope you will be taking pictures on that weekend... Nothing like old good friends to share in the Happy times, as well as the sad. I love that your gathering after is all women and the raosting of MMellows as well ass a slymber party! Hooray for you, my dear...!
    These milestone Birthdays give one pause and amazing reflection, too.

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