Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Fine Tuesday Morning

It is a beautiful morning in St. Paul after a really spectacular thunder storm last night. The roses are beginning to bloom and I will take some pics to post soon. My test was normal yesterday and I don't have to do that for another five years.

So, it's off to work for me today. Flower and garden pictures to come.


  1. Hello Suzann. I really enjoy reading blogs that are not full of ego and vitriol. Just a glimpse of someone else's life.
    So I liked yours.
    It's a sunny afternoon too here in the UK. Good luck, Happy Birthday and I hope you continue to rebuild your life as you would wish it.
    Barry, Ilford, UK

  2. Suzann, glad the tests came out ok...Yeah for 5 years before you have to do that again...
    Love the pictures of the flowers & garden..