Thursday, June 15, 2006


Finally, we need it so much. I usually do not have to consistently water the garden and lawn as I have this year. Today is rain and probably a good old midwestern thunder storm somewhere in the mix.

After a personally stormy week, I am feeling better. These death anniversaries can be really difficult. During this second year, some have been much easier, a blessing. Some still slam me in the back of the head - like yesterday's - at nineteen months.

So while it is partly cloudy and rain is predicted here in St. Paul - I am feeling more like those peeks of sun shining through the clouds. Today, J and I are facilitating a meeting at Head Start - part of a really neat change effort we are doing with them. I am looking forward to the day. I am grateful to be on this planet. I am blessed. Namaste.


  1. I don't know if this photograph is yours, but it is beautiful! I keep hearing from my friends on the east coast what a terrible situation they have been in with soaring temps and no rain. Fortunately, a tropical storm brought them relief this week, also.

    Your attitude is just exemplary, suzann. I love that you are grateful and positive, that you are feeling blessed. What a role model you must be to those around you! (And, congratsssssssssssss on your non-smoking success!)

  2. Getting through these oh so significant dates is certainly not easy, is it? I admire how very positive you are Suzann....I'm not sure I would or could be...and through it all you have not taken a cigarette! Good for you! Soon...the Big Birthday will be are your plans coming along? Good, I hope.

  3. Oh how we all need rain. And of course, I love the thunder! So glad you're doing work that lets you share. Giving is such a gift to the giver.
    Let the sun shine in!