Saturday, June 03, 2006

Self Portrait with a Digital Camera

Don't ask me why - here I am on some kind of countdown to my birthday, which is June 25th.

I took these photos yesterday in my dining room - they are a bit overexposed, but oh well.

It is really exciting to have such a significant birthday on the horizon. Sixty is definitely a transformational time - it feels to me like I am embarking on a new journey. I never thought that I would have this birthday without Tom here to celebrate with me. I remember my 50th so clearly and how excited he was to throw a big party and laugh and hug and.............

This birthday, I am having a very small, very special, very intimate dinner party on my patio. In attendance, 9 of the women who are and have been closest to me over the years. My friend Missy, who I have not physically seen since 1987 is coming from New Orleans - Joan is flying in from Florida. I have retained a personal chef to come to the house to cook a wonderful meal for us - good food, fabulous wine, magnificent company of beautiful women. This will be a birthday to savor and remember.


  1. Suzann

    You cannot be 60 but if you are I want to borrow that camera to take my picture....

    You are "Lookin good" ...:)

  2. What a great 60th celebration you have couldn't be better. Hey, I like these pics of look wonderful.

  3. You are the best looking 60 year old I've ever seen. Your celebration sounds wonderful. And continued success on being smoke-free. I'm happy for you reaching your goals. Annie

  4. Pretty lady, aging with grace! Hope your party is a wonderful one--and Tom will be there. You just won't be able to see him, but you'll certainly feel his presence. My ex's birthday is June 25--a good day to be born.

  5. It sounds like this Party will be a fabulous one! My B-Day is on June 27th! And I too have a signigicant Birthday though quite a few years more than yours...
    I love that you took some pictures of yourself...I may just do that, myself...I know so very many wonderful people born in June! Like you and Me! (lol)

  6. You are a shining star. Of course Tom will be with us on your birthday, he wouldn't miss it for ANYTHING! And neither will I, after all, how can we celebrate my 60th NEXT year, if we don't do yours right?!!?!
    Much love to you, my sister, my heart. And Happy Birth Day.....

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