Saturday, June 24, 2006

Happy Saturday

Today is the party - there will be plenty of pictures as Bonnie, our resident photographer, will be documenting this evening's festivities. I hope each of you has a happy Saturday and cross your fingers, no rain is allowed in St. Paul tonight.


  1. Have a WONDERFUL time ! And enjoy the company & food, it all sounds great !

  2. Can't wait for the post and pix. Happy, happy BDay dear Suzann. GD be with you tonight and always.

  3. So, tomorrow I'll look forward to photos. Hope it was glorious!

  4. My Very Dear Suzann...I hope your party was smashing! Wonderful! Fabulous! And EVERYTHING you wanted it to be....I have been thinking about you my dear, and hoping that this SPECIAL Birthday is and was as dear and joyous as you planned for. I remember reaching this "milestone" that you just, two days ago...And I know this last year and a half or so has been painful and challenging and is still heartbreaking, too...I hope that the very special gathering of all your so-very-close women friends has been empowering in it's specialness. And most important, I hope the food was FANTASTIC!!!! (lol)
    Happy Happy 60th, dear Suzann. You are a very very special woman. You deserve more of the best life has to offer, my dear.
    Cannot wait to see the photographs from Saturday.

  5. Yoo - hoo, Suzann... we're waiting! Where's the rundown on the party? Where're the pics?

    Your fans are here at the cyberdoor!

    -- Pentha, feeling a bit punchy

  6. Hope you had a fabulous birthday with all of your friends. Can't wait to see the pictures. Annie

  7. Super color scheme, I like it! Good job. Go on.