Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Reflections on Valentine's Day

This is the second Valentine's Day without you. No big card propped up on the kitchen counter - no big hugs and kisses. I remember the first Valentine's Day together, you sent me the heart container filled with flowers complete with a little Mickey Mouse balloon with a big "lipstick kiss" on his cheek. I still have that vase.

I remember the last Valentine's Day together when you bought me my three stone ring - the ring I still wear everyday with my wedding ring (and some days I wear my first engagement ring with those as well.)

The day you bought the three stone ring, you said to the jeweler, as you pulled your wallet out of your pocket, "She needs this!" How little we humans know - that this would be the last Valentine's Day together - that there would only be a few more months of us.

The three stone ring - supposedly for "yesterday, today and tomorrow." Well tomorrow is here and I have you in my heart for eternity. And Tom, you were right - I did need it, more than I could have ever imagined.

My sweet baby darling, you - the love of my life. I do not love or miss you more today because it is Valentine's Day. I just wish you were here with your big smile and warm arms. I am profoundly grateful for your love - for all the memories - for all you taught me - for the life we shared. My husband, best friend and lover - forever in my heart.


  1. A fine and true tribute to Tom on this day. What a pleasure seeing his smiling face in your kitchen! I remember the 3 stone ring well, and how proud he was that he got it for you....
    He love was pure love, and he loved every day he had with you. Om Shanti