Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I believe I can fly

There is a hole in my heart - a hole that can never be filled. A void that will be there forever. It matters not the healing - you will never be forgotten. No person can ever fill that hole. The smallest things are what I remember most and what I miss every day. Hugs from behind while washing dishes. Kisses in the morning. Hearing your laughter in the other room. Long legs and bony knees poking me in bed at night. Boxer shorts. Down vests. Black Levis. A tall husband who could reach anything. Unconditional love - life's greatest gift.

Now I have my precious memories and a heart with an everlasting hole.


  1. My heart (and tears) go out to you.That post truly defines what you and I have in common.

  2. Best regards from NY! » » »