Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Moving My Butt

Well, well, well - I am finally able to exercise again! My ribs and back are still a little tender and uncomfortable at times but I can work through it. I did a 45 minute Pilates workout last night and not only did it but I am walking this morning.

It feels so wonderful to be in a place where I can not only set goals again but DO something to achieve them. Last year, I was an apathetic, disinterested mess. Just stumbling through life - "fake it til you make it" was my motto.

I honestly did not believe that I would ever regain my natural enthusiasm and optimism. I did not think I would ever feel the sense of mastery or well-being that springs from inside. I did not think I would laugh again - the real laugh that comes from joy at being alive. Time, the support of friends, intentionality, and creating a sacred space to experience the grief - it's not over by a mile, but it is better.

Resiliency - don't leave home without it.

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