Monday, February 20, 2006

Happy Monday

Our cold snap is over. Today is supposed to be a lovely 25 degrees. What a blessed relief. I am sitting here with a perfect cup of french press coffee watching a perfect sunrise over my backyard. All purples and magentas.

I am so glad last week is behind me - something about Valentine's Day and the 14th of the month falling together that just brings torrents of memories and low grade sadness my way. So, it's forward on the journey - continuing to turn into the wind.

Time to do the weekly task list and prepare for a productive week ahead.


  1. What a beautiful setting for you this morning Suzann...perfect! I know what you mean by being glad V-Day is past...I had similar thoughts at that time too. It's only been 3 months for me, and I don't really know what to expect when some of these days pop up. But, I made it through Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year and my birthday in those short 3 months, so I guess I'm doing pretty good. Enjoy your beautiful day....

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