Thursday, November 06, 2008


I cannot help but begin to mark the days now - 7 days until the fourth anniversary of the day that launched this journey. Each year it is different but inexorably present. No longer a gaping wound - ragged edges barely held together. The pain of loss now is a new type of cell that flows in my veins.

I have integrated my loss - I have walked the path - I have not denied my grief. I have not walked around it. I have walked through it. I am forever changed.

Each year, bring different reflections. Each year, the pain is lessened. What does integrated mean? Tonight, it means that I know death and life are inextricably linked.

Oh, how I miss my tall, tall husband. How I miss the long stride in the hall. The hearty laugh from the den. The kisses from behind. The dancing in the kitchen. The unconditional love. Oh how I Tonight. Forever.


  1. Oh are on my mind...and in my heart...sweet friend...

    I miss my husband's eyes...

  2. Suzann,
    you have showed me and told me-
    I so deeply understand
    -- but I try - repeately: Life goes on
    There is still things do at work
    - in your kitchen and wonderful coocking - your charming Garden and and....