Monday, November 10, 2008

Autumn All Over Again

Here I am in the beautiful Napa Valley where it is Autumn - the second time around for me this year. (Lucky me!) I will take photos of the vineyards soon; the harvest is over and the vines are every brilliant color you can imagine.

The balloons flew over the house this morning and I ran to snap this picture in the driveway on my way to bring in the newspaper.

This time with my Mom is going to be difficult and yet, it is good to be home. The family friend who was helping out has returned to the City and I am her caregiver this week. She is happy and so am I.

I am off to Napa now to meet with the Social Worker - that is the best thing to come out of this terrible accident - she has a social worker!!! Hooray, someone to help as we move forward.

Talk to you soon.............


  1. sending wishes that a plan, one which will make everyone comfortable, can be developed soon. hoping you mom will regain some strength each day. very lovely fall photos!

  2. Enjoyed your fall photos. Hope all is working out for you with your Mom.