Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Hope and Grace

It is humbling to be a witness to history. I am so happy for my generation to pass the torch of leadership to the next. Many blessings to President-Elect Obama and VP-Elect Biden and their families. Let the healing begin.


  1. I'm very happy on behalf of all Americans, which can now hope for the American Dream undependant of race, religion, sex, physical conditions, rich or poor and personal opinions.
    A United States of America that have now the chance of a brave future - but it will take years to get rid of all the Bush jr.'s failures and mistakes.

    I know you have done yours during this Campaign.
    I've done next to nothing, but giving my opionon of what matters in some of my late posts.

    I'm happy it went your way and to the benefit of USA and I think to the most of the World as well.

    hugs and love from the other side of the pond

  2. Yes, we truly are witnesses to history -- a most significant moment in our lifetimes and in our nation. I, too, hope the healing has finally begun.

  3. amen! it was a night of celebration and great joy around the world!