Sunday, November 23, 2008


I awoke yesterday to our first measurable snow - it was a nice surprise. It has warmed up again into the high 30's and so the snow has disappeared - however, it will return - that is one thing you can be sure of here in Minnesota.

I do want to blog about my visit home - there is much to say. I am still reflecting and processing a lot of information and emotion. My friend V arrives from Seattle Tuesday night for Thanksgiving and a week-long visit. I am so happy to take s few days off. Days that are indeed a time of relaxation and fun, I need the respite.

I will blog about my visit to California soon.

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  1. I so well remember sitting just right there talking with you and S and J and all your wonderful friends joining your Garden Party - it was a beautiful afternoon and evening - so short while ago.
    The whole atmosphere is still vivid in my mind. Even the smell - specially from the superior saumon.

    btw. Sorry, I've been a poor blog reader in the past. A combination of very long working days and frustration of not have the ability to easely post photos. But I found a temporary way of doing it.
    Miss you