Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Fills my heart and soul. In this time of uncertainty and fear, I am blessed to be surrounded by abundance in so many ways. If you are reading this page right now - I am thankful for you and I send my love and care to you.

Talk to you soon................


  1. giving thanks for my blessings, and you are one! happy thanksgiving day!

  2. thank you and I feel the same way. Happy Thanksgiving

  3. Hope your Thanksgiving was special. Yes, we can be grateful for our blessings.

  4. How grateful I am for all of the blessings I am able to share with others and others with me. Just hearing about other peoples blessings makes me feel blessed.
    Obama's election, then, with his family, serving Thanksgiving dinner to poor families in a Chicago neighborhood; the 11 year old boy from Seattle, dying of cancer, whose only wish was for the homeless people he saw was to have a meal. People all around the country heard about Brenden and they gathered together to take food to our Homeless brothers and sisters for Thanksgiving and beyond. And, your thoughtful, quiet writing helps me to remember how blessed we are to be in the midst of so many loving people.
    This is the true Thanksgiving.

  5. Thanks for all what you have given me here in the blogoshere and you as a perfect hostess in August this year.

    I'll never ever forget our talks about grief and future plans and dreams.

    The meeting with you was something I will allways store in my memories.

    hugs from across the pond