Monday, November 10, 2008


Four years ago tonight, this was the very last night that Tom and I would eat dinner together, hang out, talk, laugh and do the mundane things of life = together. November 10, 2004, everything was just our life. We both had colds - Tom kept saying, "my nose is like a faucet." We went to bed early - remembering.................


  1. Four years... an eternity and a heartbeat.

  2. For me it is 23 1/2 years since my daughter passed. At times it seems like just yesterday that I held her 6 year old hand, then I look at her sister, grown and 31 years old, and I remember all over again what I have lost.
    Blessings to you.

  3. November 10th
    My x-wifes BD. Now our Sister. No sex. Only Family. My kids like the situation. It's practical.

    Suzann, I know you are able to take care of the good memories. You will allways miss Tom.
    I can do nothing but comfort and think of you from a distant place.
    And I do. And will forever.