Sunday, November 02, 2008

After Nearly Five Years........

.......and 100,000 miles of love and devotion, I traded in my G4 for this yummy, new Mac Book. It is so speedy that things happen on the screen faster than I can see with my eyes.

My laptop is a constant, it is with me most of the time - our business runs on technology. Shared calendars, intranet, online time and billing, private client collaboration site, our own online store -- the computer makes our little team function so well.

This is the reason I was offline for two days - I had to leave my little G4 at the Apple Store for the transition. Very strange how connected and computer-dependent I have become - it was very difficult to walk out of the Apple Store without my notebook.

It took me 2+ hours to make my decision between this 13 inch and the 15 inch Mac Book Pro. The 15 inch is a gorgeous piece of screen real estate - but in the end, the smaller computer won me over - I have been carrying a 12 inch G4 for too long. I did upgrade my Mac Book and took the RAM to the top. Hooray - I feel so blessed to have this new tool.

Talk with You Soon.......


  1. Congratulations on your NEW Mac Book...It sounds absolutely 21 Century, in every way! Have fun with it, my dear Suzann.

  2. I love my MacBook, too, which shows signs of being carried with me everywhere. Two days without my computer would be very tough- well done on coping with the transition.

  3. gosh, i know what you mean. when we bought my new laptop last august it took me quite a while to adjust to the larger screen. and, it doesn't fit my laptop table like the old one did! change is not always something i handle well...but i will handle change on tuesday, november 4th, just fine! the "change we need" i hope we get!

    congrats on your new work toy, and what a fine pumpkin you and V carved.

  4. Hey, have fun with your new Mac much fun getting a new toy. I guess I'm still a relic with a desk computer....

  5. Congrats,
    I say no more this time of Night.

  6. I've thought of going to a Mac if I eventually get a laptop. Haven't decided yet.