Saturday, January 26, 2008

Twenty-Four Degrees

Toto, are we really still in Minnesota? It is 36 degrees warmer than two days ago! Oh happy day. I have been inside cleaning - so, excuse me while I get outside. I know for those of you who are accustomed to more southern climates, 24* F sounds really cold. Don't worry, I am going to wear socks with my running shoes.

Have a terrific Saturday afternoon.


  1. LOLOL

    i will think of you and minnesota when i fuss again about how cold the 28 degree night is.

  2. Hope you did have a great weekend. Here in the lowland around Oslo, it's still mild, and one day some snow, the next day away. To Day has been like Spring - a sense of "Springfever" I did observed at work.
    But in the Mountains - lot's of Snow. People have to go their Cabins and shuffle it off. 2 meters (allmost 7 feet) on the roof---. That's heavy, when the rain comes in the Spring.

    Our Cats stays indoor without no wich to go outside. They find it too cold. My daugter will be in Oslo for 4 Days. Her assignment in Miami is terminated and she will start a new one in Hong Kong, from Monday, Feb 4, allready.
    My oldest Son is 40 to day. He has his own Agenda, never fixed his life. But the 3 others have. TG.

    Have a wondeful week

  3. This weather is NUTS Suzann. It's taking us on a roller coaster ride....balmy 40's (if you can call 40's balmy) back down to single digits. And the wind...yesterday, YIKES. So here were are today in Illinois...sunny, cold (8 degrees right now) and maybe expecting some snow....although we had a light dusting last night. I honestly don't know what to expect. All I know is my furnace has a migraine from trying to keep up. Stay warm honey....