Saturday, January 19, 2008

Cold Outside - Time for Indoor Activities

It is just plain cold here - ok, ok, I know it's Minnesota, but for heaven's sake, this morning it was 15 below zero.


For a week, I have been reorganizing my office/den - cleaning files, sorting, tossing, making a donation bag.

I redid this room in 2005, when I did the whole house remodel. At that time, my business partner had a desk from IKEA that was sitting unused in our office. It was convenient so I brought it home and installed it in my home office.

That desk is mammoth. Three levels of shelves and a desktop that is 60" by 36". While it was convenient to have all that storage for art supplies, pictures, office supplies and other craft items - I had little space for to do yoga, pilates, meditation, etc. It was time for a change.

Last weekend, I got two rolling chest of drawers and put them in the closet to hold smaller items. That helped to organize some of the clutter quite a bit.

Last night (when it was only 3 below zero at 5:00 pm) I went to Target and purchased this little desk - it is perfect. The old desk was very tall and covered part of the window - this desk is the right size for my cinema monitor, my little MAC G4 and a few office supplies. The bins under the desk are art supplies - everything else is organized in the closet. I LOVE it.

Tonight it is supposed to be -12 to -17, with wind chills of 30 below zero. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm - I'm home with kitty - snug, warm and enjoying my new space. I think I'll get a pay per view movie, read my book, and just relax. I am so grateful for this life of mine. My meditation practice is going well and I can feel the balance it always brings. If you are in the cold - snuggle in, be warm, enjoy - it's Saturday!!


  1. Your room looks great and the desk seems like a good one for being usable and not taking up too much space. I have redone some things here too as it's a time of the year to inspire some changes. My den/office/guestroom ended up not working as I'd hoped when I put in the murphy bed several years ago. I thought it'd be great, not take up space when no guests and leave me lots of floor room. I didn't count on my cats loving it so much that it now is the cat bed most of the day and I can't bring myself to take it away from them

  2. Hhhhhiiii Ssssuzzzannnn, iiittt'ss fffrrreeezziinggg hheeerrree tooo....jjjussstttt llliiikkkeeee bbbyyy yyyyooouuu. I'm up in my computer room with the heater blowing on me. Your house looks comfy and cozy...and great! Have fun..and stay warm sweetie....Oh, the life of a Midwesterner, huh? Sending you big, warm bear hugs...

  3. i am glad i don't know that kind of cold. i vote to stay inside, work from home, and have lots of steaming soup and hot chocolate in the cozy comfort of your office space!

  4. It's so important to have something you feel right around you. That's you, so to speak.

    But, I'm amazed how cold it's where you live. Well, I did know from relatives that once lived in North Dakota, even from my Son in SW Michigan - but this cold. brrr.
    Here in Oslo, it's more or less like early Spring in the low lands.
    Stange things happens..

    Have a great week