Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Happy New Year to Everyone. Back to work today in the REALLY freezing cold, substantially below zero degrees at 9:30 am.

I have set some intentions for the weeks ahead. They are

- Back to the gym for three times per week weight training
- Minimum of 20 minutes Cardio AT target heart rate at least 3 days a week
- Be mindful of my food portions and cut wine with dinner
- Meditation every day

This is my twelve week project. I really put the weight training into my weekly routine and made it habit. I am now ready to do the Cardio as a regular part of my fitness routine. I will not/refuse to diet. I do however need to be more mindful of portions and only eat when I am really hungry. That old oral deal from quitting smoking is really hard to break. It will be two years on April 23 and I am dedicated to working on the weight I gained during this time. I am so much more healthy and feel great - now it is time to do the next steps.

I have other intentions for 2008 - these are the first I want to post. I have been mentally preparing for this for the past month or so - here we go.


  1. It's seems (for me) you are doing great progress. Do not forget, it's not a failure to miss one or to of all the goals you have. It's better than to "Bite to high" and end up as a self-defined looser.

    Wish you further progress in 2008. I'm confident you will succeed.

  2. Much Good Luck My Dear Suzann.....I hear the determination in your words and have great faith that you will accomplisg what you want! But still, I wish you Great Good Luck, too! (It can't