Thursday, January 03, 2008

Back in the Gym

Feeling really good tonight. Did my weight lifting routine today after three weeks out of the gym and I lifted at the same level. Hooray. I will be sore tomorrow but that means it's working!!

Good news on the Minnesota front, it is going to be twenty-eight degrees tomorrow and nearly forty over the weeekend. Whooo Haw - darn near flip flop weather in this neck of the woods.

Meditation is done - blogging (check) and weight lifting for today. Hope you don't mind if I give myself a little pat on the back. Here's one for you too - meeting our goals, feels terrific.

1 comment:

  1. Just stumbled on your blog, will visit again. I hope each new year brings you peace. Here is a big ole pat on the back. Way to go!!! It was really cold here in Memphis for a couple of days, but tonight on the way home from work, my fingers did not turn white.