Friday, January 04, 2008


I am soooo sore today from my workout yesterday. How sore? When I yawn, my chest muscles hurt! "Your mouth muscle's connected to your neck muscles, your neck muscles' connected to your pec muscles, etc, etc, etc."

Seriously, I can feel my workout in just about every single muscle fiber. Not a doubt that it was effective. I do not feel strained - just sore.

Today was my "day off" from weights. Tomorrow morning, I will be back in the gym. I am sure I will be less sore when I awake. The good news, my massage person comes on Sunday morning for one of my twice monthly massages and stretching. Ahhhh, sweet relief. The first body work of the year.

Just goes to show - don't take a break from the workout routine. Later.


  1. What workout routine? Oh, you mean the one I SHOULD have. I'm pitiful. At least you're sore from a good workout. I'm just sore...a lot. What's my excuse?