Friday, January 11, 2008

It's Friday

This has been one busy week. Back to work, lots of meetings, new and exciting projects on the horizon.

Meeting my goals - claiming my life.

The weekend is just ahead. Enjoy your Friday.


  1. Have a Wonderful 2008, dear Suzann!

  2. we will likely go north to the skagit valley and check out the bald eagles still feasting on the salmon running in the river. so much snow east of us that the passes are impossible to travel or we would head to leavenworth on sunday.

    ask your friend to take you there, via highway 2, when you are back in seattle as long as snow is not an issue. you can see the beautiful cascades and some of the area where our fall photos were taken. there is also the beautiful river i mentioned in my last post - a perfect place for relaxing on warm summer days. leavenworth is a small alpine village in the cascades, a fun place to play. it is a day trip if you like, or you can stay in one of the B&Bs.

  3. Hi...sounds like you and I are on the same wavelength again....
    "Claiming my life"...I like that...
    We've come through so much in the last few years that I know we can meet our goals this year...Keep up the good works....
    I'm with you too sister!