Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Shedding One's Skin

Fran at Sacred Ordinary posted a wonderful entry today - it is about change and transition. It is about my life these days - preparing to shed my old skin. All feelings abound - wonder, pain, anticipation, confusion, patience, anxiety, enthusiasm - the pendulum swings - change is in the air. Baby steps, baby steps, baby steps - rebuilding my life. My inside is becoming bigger than my outside. Living in Spirit.


  1. I really liked that snake analogy also. and it's definitely what you are doing now :) How cool that you share it here with your readers

  2. Suzann, I just found you by following links of referrals in Sitemeter. I see that Joy and Rain, two of my favorites, also frequent your site. I sincerely appreciate what you are doing here and offer nothing but encouragement to continue the shedding of old skin and growing the new. Your story of A Visitor and the resulting :::Grin::: are encouraging. I'll be back to check on you and will be adding your link in my blogroll as soon as I get to BlogCentral this evening.

  3. I do think you should be prepared for open a new window into life.
    I've read and seen how you treat flowers and other plants -they come and goes you keep them alive - now it's your turn to blossom once again.

    As said before - bring with you the good memories and bring more into it.

    Blessings from us from the other side of the pond

  4. What a wonderful moment, dear Suzann....on the brink of embarking on a new road, with all that THAT means....I Bless You, my dear. Happiness abounds, I know it!